Our Vision & Company Goals

Housed in a 1,500 square ft new built converted warehouse, The 737 Experience was founded in order to bring the highest level immersion simulator available on the fixed based market, to the North East.

Our team have a passion for aviation and quickly noticed that although simulators are available in the North of England, they lack the true 1:1 scale and realism of an actual commercial airline cockpit.

Our vision is to bring an affordable but highly realistic experience to the region for those who have ever wondered what it must be like to fly a 65 tonne aircraft. We aim to do this whilst ensuring it is educational, inspiring and fun.

Our simulator boasts 100% functionality with no dummy gauges or switches as well as having a complete 220 degree field of view wrap around screen, giving the highest level of realism available.

With 3 airline pilots part of the team, we are able to cater for both the commercial industry as well as the experience market.

Company Update 2020

Given our popularity in the previous 12 months we are now in the process of adding to our fleet for further experiences and pilot training.

Our changes coming soon are the addition of an Airbus A320 simulator, expansion of premises and rebranding of the company.

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