Airline Pilot Ultimate Boeing 737 Flight Experience


This voucher will entitle the holder access to a simulation experience in our 1:1 scale Boeing 737-800 NG flight simulator with a current Boeing 737 flying Captain. This experience is as close to a real flight as you can possibly get.

If you choose to have a gift voucher sent in the style of a boarding pass, as shown on the images, your voucher will be posted to you via Royal Mail 1st Class, or if less than 48 hours before you plan on visiting we will send you a copy via email.

Key features of the sessions are:

  • You will be carry out a briefing with the captain in the briefing room prior to your flight
  • You will discuss the flight and plan the route, weight and fuel requirements for the flight
  • You will discuss the weather for the flight and the impact this will have on your flight
  • The Aircraft will be in a completely cold and dark state.
  • You will be given an to the flight controls and various other systems in the aircraft
  • You will program in the flight management computer and also configure the whole aircraft
  • You will go through the real world aircraft start checklists in order to get the aircraft ready for departure. This includes starting the engines
  • You will taxi to the active runway at the airport you have selected
  • You will take control of the aircraft and execute a successful takeoff, guided by the captain
  • After takeoff the captain will give you further demonstrations of hand flying the aircraft to increase your skill level
  • During the cruise, your instructor will talk you through the various aspects of the cockpit in more detail, such as the flight management computer, the overhead panels, radio controls etc
  • You will then be given instructions on how to prepare the aircraft for descent
  • You will begin your descent
  • You will manually fly the aircraft into the approach position on route to landing
  • You will execute a successful landing
  • You will taxi the airport to a boarding gate at your destination airport
  • You will then carry out a debrief with the captain after the flight

You can select any airport in the world which you would like to depart from. Your flight time will be around 1.30 minutes. The total experience will last 2 hours.

Please note – as you will be instructed by a current airline pilot, simulator dates available are more limited. Once you have booked, let us know a rough date you would like to attend and we can work towards that date where possible.

If you would like to book in more time on our simulator, please contact us and we will be happy to put together a custom session for you.



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