CPL Holder Sim Rental


This session is for CPL holders wishing the rent the simulator WITHOUT an instructor. You can rent the simulator with a current flying commercial instructor by clicking here.

Our simulator rental comes with use of our IOS on an iPad in order to set up scenarios, reposition the aircraft, programme failures etc.

We have extended opening hours also for CPL holders and proficiency & assessment checks. Tuesday and Thursday is also dedicated to pilots.

  • You will have time before and after the session to use our facilities
  • We will give you a tutorial of how to use the IOS prior to your session
  • You will be required to bring your CPL with you
  • You do NOT need to be type rated for the simulator you are flying
  • You can bring additional CPL holders along with you. They are not required to pay
  • If you would like a non-flying instructor in the simulator with you this is charged at £25 per hour additional, payable on the day

Our FMS has full functionality allowing you to programme all data including SID’s & STAR’s etc.

The sessions can be as short or as long as needed. You will have access to a current commercial airline pilot should you have any questions on the day or leading up to your session.



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